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ريبير قشاش الحشائش من شورى
  يعتبر محصول الأرز من أهم المحاصيل الإستراتيجيه في مصر، ومن هنا جاء الإهتمام بزراعته المزيد...
قربنا من الـ400
 شورى للكيماويات تحتفل مع مزارعيها بوصول مركباتها إلي حوالي ٤٠٠ مركب وذلك لتحقيق التنوع في توفير البدائل
إفطار ملتقى الشباب المصرى الأفريقى بمشاركه شركة شورى
 افطار ملتقى الشباب المصرى الأفريقى بالحب اتجمعنا وبالعربى تكلمنا المزيد
فوز شورى بمطار القاهرة الدولي
النجاح الذي حققته الشركة وهي إحدى شركات مجموعة شورى في مكافحة  آفات الصحة العامة بمطار القاهرة المزيد... 
The Weather
Al salib winds
Mostly without rain
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Hotline service
 Hotline service, to connect with customers in any Agricultural consulting or request a direct sale, where they are to respond to them within 24 hours.
Service "Shoura Lel Mashoura"
"Shoura Lel Mashoura", it’s a Technical services provided by Shoura to customers in all the provinces, through its communication with representatives of the company across the country.
Free product delivery Service
Free product delivery, where the company is honored to deliver products to customers for free.
Communicate with customers via e-mails Service
Communicate with customers via e-mails in which mention the most important new chemicals and another new recommendation for any composite service.
Agricultural advisor service
Agricultural advisor service, by leaving a message on Shoura's website where they are answered by an elite group of Agricultural advisers at company.
Seasonal Crops
This section discusses this season’s crops, its programs and tips that would benefit the farmer.
This section holds all farmer’s questions posted and answered by Dr. Shoura a character backed up by 12 specialized consultants fully dedicated to answer all your queries.
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