Our Company
Company Profile
Shoura Chemicals, originally known as Tawkilat, is the leading agrochemicals company in Egypt. It is currently the primary distributor and representative of leading multi-national agrochemical companies dealing in more than 400 products, namely, pesticides, fertilizers, industrial chemicals, and growth regulators.
Having established a massive customer base in Egypt, Shoura chemicals added a technical support unit to investigate and offer necessary solutions for all famers' needs.
Honoring its slogan 'the farmer's partner', Shoura Chemicals has launched a website that comprises of 14,000 pages as well as a database that includes agrochemical solutions. Thus acting as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas between farmers and all individuals in the field.

Our Mission
Our sole mission is to reach every farmer in Egypt and serve
him to our best knowledge and support.
Our Vision
Shoura chemicals is preoccupied with retaining its successful business
Model as a market leader in Egypt, and is determined to offer all what farmer’s need.
Our Values
Appreciation and respect for employee’s value and knowledge:
Appreciating our employees’ experience, contribution and adds to our work.
Maintaining our family business values:
Preoccupied with professional performance, frequently endeavor to Keep our promises. Uphold absolute integrity. 
Meet all laws and regulations that organizing our work.
fulfilling all Potential Needs and demands of agrochemicals and agriculture sector.
Deliver the best products for our markets :
Providing our products & service as cost effectively as we can.

Our History

1953 production of hybrid corn seeds

1955: Strawberry farm
Air spraying

 1956: Air spraying service by helicopter
tawkilat a company

 1957: tawkilat a company dealing in pesticides, seeds, tractors and farm machinery.

 1959: Syria spraying olive fields for the ministry of agriculture.
Marketing consultants

1961: Marketing consultants for Chering AG benlin in MENA Region

 1969: Consultants for ICI United Kingdom
Introducing strawberry

 1970: Introducing strawberry variety California to Egyptian Market
Agents for Syngenta

 1976: Agents for Syngenta, ICI and Zeneca